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About Us

4 Responses to "About Us"
  1. Deborah June 26, 2013 03:06

    Reasons why I drive 25 minutes to lunch at Charlie B’s:
    Classy but not pretentious.
    Super fresh real food
    Very clean
    Excellent salad bar
    Menu changes daily
    Tastes better than homemade
    Wonderful tea with crushed ice
    Delicious desserts
    Friendly staff
    Really nice proprietor with humor

  2. Keith Cox September 16, 2013 01:09

    It doesn’t matter what area of town. I am in I always head towards Oneonta to Charlie B’s. Great food, wonderful service, and friendly service. Where everyone is a neighbor.

  3. Joy July 31, 2014 08:07

    July 2014 – our first visit to Charlie B’s was amazing. The seafood bar on Friday nights is not to be missed. We sent messages to several friends about our great meal and experience at Charlie B’s. (I agree with everything Deborah posted above) Our seven year old son, who loves seafood and of course desserts, said, “I’m not going to forget this place.” As a family we decided Friday night dinner at Charlie B’s would be a great treat for birthday celebrations. We will be on our way to Charlie B’s for our first birthday celebration in August!

  4. Jerry Howell August 23, 2014 02:08

    A great seafood buffett for anybody,s money, We would borrow the money go and eat there if we had to. Jerry Howell.

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